Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring a Great Time Of Year

I was coming home from work today and it has been quite a difference between morning and evening. This morning I woke up to an inch of snow on the ground, but tonight I noticed the green lawn and all the trees are budding out with small leaves and the crabapple out front is getting ready to blossum. I really look forward to this time of year. It is so revitalizing to see everything come back to life. I hope this will be my last summer at work and next May I can retire and do some fun stuff like camping and yard work and other things. I am slowly preparing for this. We have our trailer and a couple of four wheelers and an atv trailer to pull them with. It is sometimes hard to believe that I have been working at the prison for 19 years already.

Lorilee and I are working on getting our temple reccomends so we can be sealed in the temple sometime. We hope this year. I am also still a family history consultant here in Gunnison and spend my Thursday nights there. I also schedule the stake center for people that want to use it and take care of the ward calendar. This keeps me busy when I am not working. I am excited about going camping and want to go up to Thousand Lake Mountain and camp around July 16th. It will be a lot of fun. I think a couple of my sisters will be there then also. Well I don't have much else to write about now but will add some more info later if I think of it.


  1. I love spring also! Our lilac bushes have already bloomed and are done, our iris's are blooming now,so are our snap dragons,we've mowed our lawn 3 times this year already. It's a great time of year.
    Me and Jeff want to come camping this year also, we will be using our tent, because our truck isn't working well enough to pull a trailer.but we are really looking forward to going,our anniversary is July 18 and that's what we want to do for our anniversary.

  2. I agree, I love spring too. We have been mowing our lawn too. (When there isn't any snow on it).
    I'm excited to see that you are going to come to thousand lake this year. It will be great. I love camping even more than I love spring time. :)

  3. Hurray for spring, summer, camping, and all that other good stuff. I hope we all go camping so that we can visit and see how all are doing.